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Become a Green Deal Advisor & Installer with Green Deal Central (GDC)

Green Deal Central (GDC) is a UK Green Deal Provider, whose aim is to make it easy for Installers and Local Tradespeople and Energy Advisors to offer Green Deal packages by partnering with others to provide a complete energy saving solution and 'whole house' retrofits.

Offering a wide range of Green Deal training, certification & accreditation services for both Advisors and Installers, we can help you get involved with the largest eco home improvement scheme since the Second World War and compete on a level playing field with the blue chip organisations.

Advisors working with SMEs to PLCs

As a qualified training & accreditation provider we'll soon be able to access Green Deal finance on your behalf and manage any gaps in your supply chain. No matter what business model you operate and how much you'd prefer to keep in-house, we can 'fill the gaps' on your behalf through our UK-wide Green Deal network of professionals.

Join Green Deal Central today and secure your future in the Green Deal Scheme.

For more guidance about what we can offer you, click on the relevant sector link(s) below or request a call back.

Why join Green Deal Central?

The key benefits of working together

Benefits Get started
Get discounted rates for Green Deal training, with 'priority' places allocated to ensure that you're first to qualify, whether you're a new entrant or an experienced practitioner.

Saving money Saving you money
Benefit from discounted certification fees and professional insurances to lower your overheads.

Get Green Deal finance Access to Green Deal finance
Get access to home improvement 'pay-as-you-save' green finance for your customers. Without this you cannot offer an Green Deal Assessment service.

Access ECO funding Access to ECO funding
Some customers may qualify for full grant support, but only certified advisors and installers who are working with Green Deal providers are able to access this.

End-to-end service Offering a complete solution
The Government's Green Deal is dependent on a number of key parties conducting their role at the relevant stage. We can help you offer a complete end-to-end service.

Energy Efficiency Grants Flexible approach
No matter what your business size, sector or operational model; you can do the parts of a job you want and let us deal with the rest.

Win that quote Win that quote
'Whole house' retrofits will be critical. We can help you 'fill in' any installation skills gaps.

UK-wide network Any job, anywhere
Our UK-wide network ensures complete coverage for the Green Deal.

Inter-member lead generation Inter-member lead generation
The larger the network, the greater the volume of home improvement work will be generated between our members.

We're on page 1 of Google We're on page 1 of Google
We own top-ranking end-user sites for Green Deal search enquiries designed to generate Green Deal leads for our members.

Developing relationships Working for you
Developing relationships with other Green Deal Assessors, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and other key industry partners to generate more work for you.

Keep up-to-date Register and keep up-to-date with the Green Deal
Green Deal Plan software, mobile apps, home energy saving newsletters, provider guidance and networking events designed to keep your finger on the pulse.

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